Dragon’s Dogma Online players will be getting some fairly highbrow pawns to enlist in Capcom’s upcoming MMORPG.

A recent livestream on NicoNico detailing some of the features available in Dragon’s Dogma Online also revealed that players will be aided by the ‘Pawn’ versions of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan President Atsushi Moritato and Street Fighter V producer Yoshinori Ono. You can see the pre-built characters below.

Just like in the original Dragon’s Dogma, Pawns are NPCs that players can enlist to help them in the field. They are widely customisable, allowing players to change their gear, appearance, personality and voice, whilst utilizing commands to manipulate them.

Dragon's Dogma Online Pawns

Dragon’s Dogma Online is the sequel to the 2012 action RPG that was praised for its unique fighting style and boss encounters and nonsensical storyline, tasking a reborn player (the ‘Arisen’) with recovering their own heart from the dragon that stole it from you. It was re-released with the expansion as Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen in April 2013, with rumours of a sequel becoming the Japan-exclusive upcoming MMORPG DDO.

Dragon’s Dogma Online will launch August 31st for PS4, PS3 and PC in Japan. Sadly, there was still no announcements for a DDO release date in other territories, as with many other Japanese MMOs.

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