Peter_MooreDLC and controversy very often go hand in hand.

EA’s Peter Moore has spoken to GameSpot and tackled the issue of DLC that is (or perceived to be), already on the retail disc.

Regarding content that is already on the disc, he explains foundations need to be in place to allow for future content – “What people are confused about is they think DLC is secretly on the disc, and that it’s somehow unlocked when we say.”

So when people think they’ve found content already on the disc, Moore is suggesting it’s those foundations, rather than the new content itself.

Moore also talks about Visceral Games, and the work currently being carried out to add content to Battlefield: Hardline. He states the belief that games ship incomplete purposely to sell extra content is “nonsense”, he continues “You come and stand where I am, next to Visceral’s studio, and you see the work that is being done right now. And it’s not just DLC, this is free updates and ongoing balance changes.”

When asked about the importance of season passes to the future of EA, Moore explained it depends on each particular product, but also stated: “these things [triple A games] are high risk, with hundreds of people connected to it, and sometimes with their livelihoods connected to it. You have high capital investment, and you hope it pays off.”

Moore suggests triple A titles rely on DLC and season passes to be sustainable due to the high risk “Triple-A games today have live elements to them, and things like season passes are a way of keeping people engaged.” And of course, keeping people engaged means they’re more likely to spend money on a game in the long term.

No matter your views on DLC and season passes they’re not likely to go away any time soon. And if they are vital to triple A titles, maybe we will have to accept them as part of the package?

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