The fine folks over at Humble Bundle are at it again with their wacky Humble store sale. Kicking off today, the ‘End of Summer Sale’ begins by slashing over 1000 games as well as a special promotion or free game every day. The sale begins with a free copy of Stealth Inc. 2: A Game of Clones Humble Deluxe Edition.

Each day there are sales for countless games that remain for the duration of the entire promotion period. There are also special flash sales that pop up every so often like Hunie Pop and Sunless Sea. On top of that there are company ‘build your own bundles’ where you can purchase a multitude of games from a company and get them discounted at a ridiculous price such as the Telltale Games and Codemasters bundles.

Some of the most notable ones to definitely take up if you haven’t already is:

Valkyrie Chronicles ~ $4.99 (-75%)
The Witcher 2 ~ $2.99 (-85%)
Terraria ~ $2.49 (-75%)
Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons ~ $2.99 (-80%)
Skull Girls ~ $2.24 (-85%)
You Don’t Know Jack Classic Pack Bundle ~ $2.99 (-85%)

And a heck of a lot more games up for grabs.

The sale event will end on the 11th of September. Leaving two weeks worth of sales and free games to pick up! So abuse your wallets as much as it can take.

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