Let’s face it, Fallout 3’s combat was pretty naff. Half the reason many of us opted to use the VATS system so frequently was down to the fact that shooting the gun like you would in a regular FPS – down the sights or from the hip – just didn’t feel particularly accurate or enjoyable. To solve that problem for Fallout 4, Bethesda brought on board a couple of its other studios experienced in this field to help out in the development of the system.

In the latest issue of OXM, it was confirmed that id Software – creator of Doom – joined the project alongside Wolfenstein The New Order developers MachineGames. So if you enjoyed either of those games, chances are Fallout 4’s combat will be right up your street. Those studios certainly have the necessary pedigree for this type of FPS.

How did you feel about Fallout 3’s combat? Are you looking forward to seeing how Bethesda has altered with the system?

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