Clint Hocking, the creative director of Far Cry 2 has made a return to Ubisoft.  This time, though, he’ll be working at a different studio.

Hocking, who has also worked on other Ubisoft titles including Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, will be joining Ubisoft Toronto.  He announced his departure from Ubisoft in 2010 and since then has worked for a number of game studios including Valve and Lucasarts.

A post on the Ubisoft blog reveals a little more detail about why Hocking has returned to the company.

He writes, “Coming here and talking to the people who work here and seeing how familiar everything is, I mean, seeing familiar faces is one thing, but having familiar conversations, encountering familiar thinking, it got me excited about what we could achieve.

And being interviewed by other designers and being asked about how I work as a designer… it made me realize how much my time here shaped my thinking and my design sensibilities, and maybe a little bit how the contributions I had made years ago shaped some small part of the culture here. That was really interesting. It felt like a really good fit. It felt like family and it made a lot of sense.”

Hocking was also very hush about what he’s now working on, and would not confirm whether it would be a new Splinter Cell title.

What do you think of his move back to Ubisoft?  Would you like another Splinter Cell title?  Let us know in the comments below.

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