Lee Perry was the lead level designer on the original Gears of War as well as as the senior gameplay designer on Gears of War 2, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he knows a thing or two about the future of the franchise. He now works for his own company called Bitmonster Games – a studio made up of other ex-Epic employees.

Perry may have dropped a bit of a bombshell when he recently spoke to OXM, as he accidentally hinted at a number of Gears of War games in the works, despite Gears of War 4 being the only game confirmed so far. Perry made this statement.

“If there’s anything I wish for the new Gears games, it’s that they find a way to make the gameplay new and fresh, while still having the flavour of the originals”.

Notice his use of plurals. Could Mr. Perry be hinting at another Gears trilogy or will the nature of the new games be spin-offs, more like the late but not so great Gears of War Judgment? Only time will tell, but don’t be surprised to see another new Gears game on the horizon post-Gears 4.

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