Last month a number of developers departed from CD Projeckt Red, the studio behind the Witcher games, including the most recent, highly praised The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Forming their own independent studio, Fool’s Theory, the developers have already announced their first game, an isometric (think Diablo-style top down view) Thief-inspired RPG called Seven.

Set in the “beyond post apocalyptic” open world of the Vetrall Empire, Seven is set to include a strong, branching story that is “far from black and white.” Fool’s Theory founder, Jakub Rokosz, stated that with introducing parkour style movement, “Our greatest ambition is to bring a breath of fresh air into classic, isometric role playing games–a genre where the player was traditionally chained to the ground… Seven will bring a new type of exploration as well as open new possibilities for tactical planning and stealth gameplay. We are fully aware how big the challenge is, but it only gives us a greater motivation.

Still very early in development, there is no gameplay as of yet for Seven, but the concept art below already shows an interesting world in he works. Developed in partnership with IMGN.PRO, the publisher of Kholat and Mousecraft, the game is set for release on PC. For more, including a very interesting short-story set in the world of Seven, be sure to check out the game’s website.

Even though its still early, what do you think of an isometric parkour RPG with a strong story? Or did they just have you right away at parkour? Let us know in the comments.

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