GameFly, a company known for its game rental system that was similar to Netflix’s starting platform, is set to follow in the TV giant’s footsteps by expanding their online streaming services. In fact, this new system is being nicknamed the “Netflix of games.”

The company has announced its service, known as GameFly Streaming, is being made available on Samsung Smart TVs in the United States, Canada, and European regions such as France or Germany. Previously, this was only available on Amazon Fire devices. GameFly streaming is currently only available in 20 areas, the most recent of which include Israel, Mexico, and Brazil.

GameFly CEO David Hodess says that, “Samsung’s global reach is a great way to bring GameFly Streaming to consumers across the globe.” He goes on to say that, “Our goal with GameFly Streaming is moving forward to position cloud gaming, in the short and medium-term, as a compliment to console gaming, and in the long term, as the new technology.”

The program they are putting out offers bundles of games for a set price that starts at 7$/month and goes up to 10$/month. The 7$ bundles are generally set around a specific theme. For example, the action bundle come with F.E.A.R. 3, Hitman, Sleeping Dogs, Mafia II, Red Faction: Guerilla, Red Faction: Armageddon, and Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. The 10$ a month nets subscribers a more varied Gamer Pack that includes 16 games. The list of games can be seen here.

The GameFly Streaming service will allow you to use several different controllers, such as the Xbox 360 controller or Logitech controllers F-130 or F-710.


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