After a frustrating week of being disabled, Gangplank has returned to Summoners Rift. The viscous pirate was disabled shorty after his relaunch due to his untimely demise in the Bilgewater event. However, Gangplank is back along with a new classic skin.

Gangplank’s return to League of Legends too many players by surprise because Riot decided to update his classic skin a second time. When the Bilgewater event started, Riot gave Gangplank a game-play and model rework, but the classic skin closely resembled Gangplank’s old persona. So Riot decided that to remake his classic to reflect the events that happened during the Bilgewater event, while staying true to what Gangplank represents: a sea-fairing tyrant.

Rioter Scott Hawkes explains in detail why they decided to update Gangplank’s look: “Gangplank’s lore was actually quite different from Gangplank in game. In-game, he didn’t seem like the baddest bastard in Bilgewater. He wasn’t convincing, he wasn’t brutal enough to rule it. So, that meant finding that essence in the stories that had been told about Gangplank, because in a city full of people you don’t want to meet in a dark alley, he’s the guy they don’t want to meet in a dark alley.” Riot wanted to ensure that Gangplank’s looks matched his portrayal in the Bilgewater lore.

Since Gangplank is now playable, I would advise players to try him out in game. He’s loads of fun. Plus, if you play at least one game as him before the event ends, you will unlock his classic skin before the events of Bilgewater too place.

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