Valve and Psyonix recently announced that the developer’s surprise hit, Rocket League, will be coming to SteamOS and Mac later this year. Additionally, Valve has announced that preordering any Steam hardware—that includes a Steam Controller, Steam Link, or Steam Machine—will net the buyer Psyonix’s game as well as Portal 2.

The offer applies to any orders through Steam or retail and will automatically extend to anyone who has already preordered any of the hardware. If the player already owns one or both of the games, they’ll still receive extra copies to gift to friends—a convenient fine print given that both games have spectacular multiplayer components.

Representatives from both Valve and Psyonix have expressed excitement over bring the game to SteamOS, citing that “it plays brilliantly” with the Steam Controller. In celebration of the news, Psyonix has discounted the game for the next 48 hours, bringing it from $20 to $18.

As for the Steam hardware, pricing is as follows:

  • Steam Controller – $50
  • Steam Link – $50
  • Steam Controller + Link Bundle – $100
  • Steam Machines – Prices vary by manufacturer

Are you excited by the prospect of these two free games? Gamespresso wasn’t around back when Portal 2 released, but this editor thinks that it was the best game of the last generation…so this seems like a pretty slick deal. Disagree? Let me know in the comments! For all things gaming, keep checking back with Gamespresso.

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