Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today revealed what will no doubt be one of many expansions for Lego Dimensions, Ghostbusters are getting their own add-on packs. Dimensions will be getting a pair of Ghostbuster “fun packs”, one Slimer themed that comes with a Slime Shooter weapon, and the other Stay Puft themed that includes Terror Dog (based on Gozer’s companions from the original Ghostbusters).

Additionally there will be a Ghostbusters level pack which comes with a proton pack wielding Peter Venkman, the Ecto-1 and a ghost trap. This level pack, as the name suggests, adds a whole new level to the game. Pricing is yet to be confirmed, but it will likely be $30/£30 if the recent Portal level pack is anything to go by.

Alongside the Ghostbusters news, Warner Bros. have also revealed Dimensions’ Adventure Worlds, which are described as “open-world environments where players will be able to explore, race, collect gold bricks, unlock secrets, and explore classic locations.”

Every franchise in the game will have it’s own world to explore, but you need to own a figure from that universe in order to access it. The starter pack, which is included in the core game, comes with figures to get you into Lord of the Rings (Gandalf), DC Comics (Batman), and The Lego Movie (Wyldstyle) worlds.

Based on the trailer above, these worlds may consist of an amalgamation of aspects from each world – Lego Middle Earth puts The Shire, Gondor and Mordor side-by-side, The Simpsons lets you explore a Lego Springfield and we even see crazy crossovers like Homer driving the Mystery Machine through Hill Valley.

Lego Dimensions releases on September 27th for Xbox One, Ps4, Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii U. The starter pack is priced at $100/£95.

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