If you thought Grand Theft Auto V was out of surprises, you’d be wrong.

PC mods provided some incredible , bizarre and wonderful  mods for Grand Theft Auto IV, and it seems Grand Theft Auto V is no exception. But sometimes the best mods are a little smaller in scale; sometimes all you need to do is introduce a little anarchy…

This simple, but well-made skin mod by Flickr user Berduu effectively upsets the established order and turns Trevor Phillips from a murderous psychopath into a marginally more murderous psychopath:


Trevor undeniably fits the bill as a mass-murdering psychopath, now someone just needs to import a Batman model and our dreams of re-enacting the climactic showdown of The Dark Knight can finally come to fruition.

For more pictures of Trevor as the Joker, just head on over to Berduu’s flickr.



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