Before you read anything, watch this:

That save doesn’t even seem fair. But hey, whaddya know? It is! Matt Rix of FutureGrind development posted this amazing save on vine of a recent match he played in Rocket League (which as many of us know by now is just soccer with badass cars).

What’s so incredible about this close call is the seemingly impossibility of it all. It appears as if the ball was completely inside the boundaries of the goal and would have gone in had Matt Rix’s (ElectricGrandpa) car not wedged itself between the outer wall of the goal and the ball as well as sped alongside the ball in mid-air to slow down the momentum it had going towards the goal. The physics are possible, but I can see how some people are still amazed that the goal wasn’t called. After all, in a regular soccer game, who knows what the referee would have called?

If you look very closely at the circle highlighted underneath the ball, you can see that it does not go completely within the goal (and I mean it must have been a fraction of whatever metric unit they use in Rocket League). All that matters is the skill molded by hours of gameplay, luck (as it were), and ingenuity to put the bragging rights online.

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