In the past weekend Nintendo’s Splatoon splatfest was underway. In America, it was between hotdog or marshmellow lovers and in Europe/ Oceania it was between the South Pole or the North Pole. The North Pole and Marshmellow supporters won by a small margin. Personally, hotdogs at the South Pole were the clear way to go.

Festivities aside, nosy fans have already delved into the latest patch and unearthed two new bits of information; there will be two new stages to dominate with your inking prowess. The first is called ‘Jyoheki’ and shows a suburban apartment complex and the other is called ‘Kaisou’ which shows off a bridge that’s still in construction.

The images provided through gives us a good look at what’s to come. The level design looks chaotic but still very much a suitable battleground for squid kids to reign supreme for dominance.

No word on when these stages are slated for release but so far, the amount of content post release of Splatoon has been very impressive! We’ll be looking forward for even more content

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