The first gameplay of LawBreakers, the new FPS from Gears of War’s Cliff Bleszinski and Boss Key studios, has been released.

The video (below) showcases some of the arena-based shooter’s maps, as well as characters and their classes.

These include Kitsune, an Assassin who wields twin blades and a grappling hook; Breacher, a jetpack sporting Gunner; Maverick, a Skirmisher that can jump high, fly far, and apparently use the force; and Chronos, a rocket launcher toting Titan, who’s capable of releasing a shockwave of destruction.

LawBreakers is set in a sci-fi world after a major catastrophe called The Shattering has occurred. Recently, Boss Key teased LawBreaker with a new 30 second video titled After The Shattering.

Further information or a release window have yet to be announced, but after this first look, new details are likely imminent.

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