EA Sports’ Rex Dickson, the creative director for Madden NFL 16, has announced on Twitter that EA is working on launching a new patch “ASAP.” Madden NFL 16 is suffering from a few bugs that could be hindering the experience for many gamers. EA has taken noticed and vowed to fix the problem quickly.

Madden NFL 16 was released August 25th for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, and PS3. This is not the first time that the game has been released with a few bugs that needed to be addressed. The past few years, though, the patch did not release until the middle of October. This year that will change as Dickson stated that the patch will be out soon and you “won’t have to wait six weeks.”

The full list of bugs to be addressed include (according to Pasta Padre):

  • Random encroachment coming out of the huddle
  • Severe ratings regression in Franchise
  • Ratings being boosted to absurd levels during Franchise games
  • Broken SuperSim that gives QBs a number of carries that rivals starting running backs
  • Custom playbooks not always appearing
  • Draft classes that come in too high in certain attribute categories

Stay tuned to Gamespresso to find out when the patch will be released and what exactly it fixes.

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