You’ve seen Mario in Unreal Engine 4, you’ve seen Sonic in Unreal Engine 4, now prepare yourself for something perhaps a little more fitting for those beautiful shadows, reflections and particle effects:

Yes, that’s Samus from Metroid in all her armored glory. Not only does the armor look and animate great, but even little touches from the Morph Ball right the way down to Samus’ slightly ragged breathing are modelled. It brings back memories of the excellent Metroid Prime series which took the famed bounty hunter from a side-scrolling adventure to a first-person shooting and puzzling games.

Perhaps Nintendo will take note of how beautiful a Metroid game would be on this engine and follow Street Fighter, Kingdom Hearts and Tekken 7 in the growing number of Japanese games being developed for the engine.

Until then, Metroid fans will have to be content with Metroid Prime: Federation Force, which certainly has its own…. charm.

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