Revealed at the EA Gamescom conference, the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst trailer showcases all the beautiful free-running goodness fans have been waiting for from the DICE game. Teased earlier this week, the footage comes in at roughly five minutes, taking Faith on a run into the labs of Elysium.

Starting with the new open world navigation, dependent on landmarks instead of a HUD telling the player where to go, the demo quickly moves into Faith free running her way to Elysium. Once there however, the plot thickens as the villain Kruger appears and someone else seems to be breaking into the labs.

As the action escalates, the demo turns to showing the environmental destruction and new combat of mechanics for Mirrors Edge Catalyst, including Faith’s invulnerability as long as she keeps moving.

As more is released for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst in the coming months as we run full on towards the game’s release on February 23rd for PS4, Xbox One, PC, you’ll find it all here on Gamespresso. Does the demo get you even more excited for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, or is the pretty free-running still just not doing it for you? Let us know in the comments.

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