The newest set of Microsoft’s “Games with Gold” free games are online on Xbox Live right now.

There’s a distinct apocalypse flavouring to this month’s titles – whether you prefer zombies or post-nuclear war mutants, Microsoft has you covered.

Xbox One owners are treated to the expanded zombie survival crafting sim How to Survive: Storm Warning edition from now through September 15th. Meanwhile, Xbox 360 owners can finish the story they began with Metro:Last Light following the previous Metro 2033, free till the end of the month.

Games with Gold is a programme of free titles (similar to Playstation Plus) Microsoft released during E3 2013. It rewards players with an Xbox Live subscription with two or more free games a month simply for subscribing.

If you’re missing either a 360 or an Xbox One, you could try flagging the other titles on the Xbox Web Store to your account. Either the last-generation titles will potentially be available through digital backwards compatibility, or you’ll be building your library for your new console!

Below is a breakdown of all the Games with Gold titles for the August-September period:

Xbox One:

  • Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (August 1-31)
  • How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition (August 16-September 15)

Xbox 360:

  • Metro 2033 (August 1-15)
  • Metro: Last Light (August 16-31)

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