If you ever wondered what exactly some of the mysterious masked characters in Mortal Kombat looked like, wonder no longer. Thanks to PC modders over on a Mortal Kombat fan site, you can take a look at what some of the characters look like such as Erron Black here:

Erron Black unmasked

Hmm, I think I prefer him with the mask on personally. Other unmasked characters include Revanant Sub-Zero, Torr, Rain, Smoke, and even Jason Voorhees. You can find images of them without their masks here.

Developer NetherRealm has been updating Mortal Kombat X with a number of new characters to create a pretty robust lineup of fighters. Fighters like Tanya, Tremor and The Predator (yes that Predator) have joined mainstay fighters to help augment what was already the “biggest launch” in the franchise’s history.



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