Bulgarian developer Haemimont Games (Tropico series) have announced a new expansion for their action RPG Victor Vran, which is themed around legendary heavy rock band Motörhead.

Titled Motörhead: Through The Ages, the expansion features new environments, including landscapes inspired by the wild west, dark ages and WW2, that are themed around Motörhead’s history, lyrics, and rock ‘n’ roll attitude.


Additionally the game’s new weapons, skills and powers are all inspired by Motörhead, and the soundtrack gains a comprehensive dose of Motörhead goodness, including new songs.

“Motörhead define the themes of the game as Victor faces evils relevant to our own world – religious fanatics, corrupt politicians and power-hungry oppressive rulers,” explained Haemimont Games.

Coinciding with the band’s 40th anniversary and the release of their new album, Bad Magic, the expansion will be released later this year.


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