In this potential final match between Counter Logic Gamin vs Team Impulse, the picks and pans are already interesting. CLG has an incredible amount of AOE, with Gnar (ZionSpartan), Ekko (Xmithie), Orianna (Poebelter), Jinx (Doublelift) and Alistar (Aphromoo). TIP has Maokai (Impact), Lee Sin (Rush), Viktor (Gate), Kog’Maw (Apollo) and Braum (Adrian).

This is potentially going to be a very stressful game, but I have a feeling that TIP will win. And as I type this, Xmithie lands first blood on Apollo, and seconds after, Poebelter dies to Rush in the midlane, failing to finish off Gate, who was extremely low.

But then CLG starts taking the advantage around the 10 minute mark. A small teamfight happens in TIP’s bottom jungle, with Doublelift sending off Jinx’s Super Mega Deathrocket allowing Poebelter to finish off a member from TIP.

15 minutes in, the teams are even again at 6-6. TIP is up in gold by 1k, but down one dragon and turret. Dragon is up in one minute, which TIP gets. But then a teamfight happens top lane and Xmithie takes down Adrian and Aphromoo and Doublelift both getting themselves a kill as well. Minutes later, CLG gets a 1 for 5 ace, with only Aphromoo going down for their team. Counter Logic Gaming rushes baron and backs immediately, preparing to push and potentially win the final match.

It’s 22 minutes in and CLG is winning 15-8 with a minute and a half left on their baron buff. 24 minutes in, CLG gets their first inhib, but Impact teleports in halfway through CLG’s rush back down the botlane, resulting in Poebelter and Xmithie dying. CLG heads top after regrouping to push the lane and try to get their second inhib turret and while everyone is caught up, minions end up taking a nexus turret.  CLG slaughters TIP and goes 3-0 in the semifinals of this year’s NA LCS Summer Split.

CLG and tomorrow’s winner will go to the finals in Madison Square Garden. Tomorrow’s game is Team SoloMid vs Team Liquid.

GGWP to both teams!

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