By the sounds of things, Fallout 4’s combat is going to be a real breath of fresh air as Bethesda have been busy upgrade the mechanics and the weaponry at the player’s disposal.

OXM recently pointed out that “with smooth, precise, flowing aim, it now looks more feasible to duck, weave and improvise to one’s heart’s content, though of course levels, stats, probabilities and gear quality will still underpin the whole affair. Choke points, smartly-placed cover and new tactical opportunities look to be rife. Every combat scenario seen so far – whether in the cramped, winding environs of Fallout 4’s picturesquely cluttered residential wrecks, or played out as part of a roaring, multi-layered, open-air stand-off with snipers, Ghouls and gunships – has felt exhilarating, unpredictable and truly dynamic. And of course stealth, crunching melee hits and non-violence are still entirely viable.”

Moreover, confirmed returning weapons include Fat Man, Minigun, plasma weapons, and the baseball bat whilst new additions to the roster include Junk Jet – a gun which lets you fire any items such as trash, and a Pipe Pistol which can be upgraded to a rifle but is made up of springs and rusty metal pipes you’ll find in the game.

Given that I tried to avoid combat in the Wasteland as much as I could in Fallout 3, this upgrade comes as music to my ears. Were you a fan of Fallout 3’s combat system?

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