Announced by Nintendo earlier this morning, the Nintendo 2DS systems will be getting a tidy price drop. From the original $129.99 to $99.99, the system will be sold throughout the US and will still also contain a copy of Mario Kart 7.

The Nintendo 2DS was the ‘3DS’ system that removed the clam shell design and removed the 3D functionality from the main system lineup. It is still just as potent and can run a majority of the games in the Nintendo 3DS library fine. Except for the obvious games that require the 3D effect.

Nintendo had announced this price drop in conjunction with news related to their featured game for the 2DS and 3DS: Little Battlers eXperience which “lets players build, customize and battle robots made from more than 4,000 in-game parts that allows for more than 30,000 different LBX robots”. The Little Battlers series is created by Level-5 and is rising in popularity over in Japan just like Yokai Watch. Little Battlers eXperience is slated for release on the 21st of August. Here’s a look at the game below from E3 earlier this year:

The 2DS price drop is expected to occur starting the 30th of August. It’s a fine reason to get a cheap ‘3DS’ system for the little ones and big kids at heart!

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