Sega’s brand new Company of Heroes 2 expansion pack, The British Forces, arrives September 3rd but a group of lucky fans will be able to play it before it’s officially released.

Although Sega hasn’t offered many details, they have stated to pay close attention to the Company of Heroes Twitter account for details on how and when codes will be handed out. These codes, of which there will be offered to no more than 55,000 players, will be able to be used on a trial of The British Forces which will be available from 10 AM PDT on August 31st to 2 PM PDT on September 2nd.

The trial offers unrestricted access to the game which includes the British Army with fifteen new units, six new commanders and eight new maps as well as the factions and commanders from previous versions of Company of Heroes 2.

The British Forces is a stand-alone expansion pack meaning it doesn’t need any previous version of the game to work. It will be released on PC on September 3rd for $12.99. You can pre-order it right now on Steam for $11.69 (10% off) or $10.39 (20% off) if you own any past Company of Heroes games.

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