The complete version of the episodic game, République will be released on PlayStation 4 in early 2016 for both North America & Europe, publisher GungHo Entertainment announced today.

République is a stealth game where you help a young woman named Hope to escape from a totalitarian state. You help to guide Hope around from the numerous security cameras throughout the game, interacting with the environment in various ways to keep her out of danger. GungHo says in this version:

Players finally take control of Hope

suggesting you’ll have more of a direct effect on things when playing the PlayStation 4 version.

République is developed by Camouflaj, a studio headed up by Metal Gear Solid 4 producer, Ryan Payton. It began as a project on the popular crowdfunding site, Kickstarter back in 2012 and was originally stated to only be available on mobile platforms. When it looked like that wasn’t going to be enough to attract people to hit their goal, Camouflaj decided to also release the game on PC, helping the campaign to ultimately raise $550,000/£350,412.22.

Ryan Payton publicly spoke on the announcement of the game’s move to PlayStation 4, saying:

Having been so inspired by early PlayStation titles, it’s with much joy and a touch of irony that the full République experience will arrive on PS4, I can’t thank GungHo enough for supporting our efforts to faithfully translate République into a true console experience.

The first three episodes of République have already been released on PC & mobile, with two more episodes still to come. When it launches on PlayStation 4, where it’ll be available on the PlayStation Store, the game will consist of all five episodes. A price has not been announced yet, but the existing PC version goes for $25/£18.99.

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