Press Play

Press Play asks community to help choose the next game they should develop.

Press Play has published a video on YouTube that conveys, an interesting idea that they have. The game studio is experimenting with three game concepts. They will rely on the community to give feedback, and choose one of the concepts to proceed with.

Press Play developed Max: The Curse of Brother, Kalimba, and Max & the Magic Marker. If you were a fan of one those games, then you should most likely take interest in this. The three projects under consideration are DwarkaKaroo, and Knoxville.

In order to vote for one their early game concepts, you can visit their parent company’s website.  Their parent company is Microsoft Studios so it is likely the game will be released for the Xbox One.

In Dwarka, the first person co-op action game, you play as a team of dwarves that endlessly explore dungeons for gold.

In the construction game, Karoo, the player must collect blocks to create complex vehicles. Vehicles will be able to transform to have ground or flight capabilities. Karoo will have an open-world and multiplayer.

Knoxville will be a third person action survival game, and it will also have multiplayer. The game will take place within a survival television show. While playing the game, the characters will be video recorded. It will be done in a similar style as The Hunger Games, or The Running Man. The viewing audience will most likely have reactions according to players’ choices.

The votes must be in by September 1st, and the winner will be announce on the 8th.

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