Professor Layton has been something of a sleeper hit on the Nintendo 3DS, with several games replete with brain-teasing, riddle-solving action. But now it looks like the good Professor may be applying his mental mettle to a more literal arena.

Our case begins with a surreptitious update to Christopher Robin Miller’s IMDB page, the voice actor for Professor Layton listing his presence in Super Smash Bros. An intrepid sleuth interrogated the actor via twitter:


True detectives will, at this point, realise that this isn’t absolute declarative evidence of Professor Layton in smash; it’s possible Mr Miller is just voicing a trophy or another character, and there has been no official word from Nintendo or Professor Layton developer Level-5

So I’m afraid the case has run cold for now, but watch this space and I’m sure new leads will appear soon.

Dismissed, detectives.


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