Rock Band 4 will release later this year. It has been announced that those who preorder the game for the PlayStation4 through the PSN will receive 10 bonus songs.

Sony and Harmonix have announced that PlayStation Plus members who preorder Rock Band 4 for the PlayStation 4 receive 10 songs only available through this deal. Gamers will also receive a special Rock Band 4 theme right away. Preorders opened today.

Here is a list of the ten songs you receive through the promotion:

  • All That Remains: “Divide”
  • Blitz Kids: “Run For Cover”
  • Bring Me The Horizon: “Throne”
  • Dead Sara: “Mona Lisa”
  • Duran Duran: “The Reflex”
  • Janis Joplin: “Move Over”
  • Of Mice & Men: “Would You Still Be There”
  • Oh Honey: “Sugar You”
  • Pantera: “Cowboys From Hell (Live from Monsters in Moscow Festival)”
  • Seastick Steve: “Summertime Boy”

This preorder promotion is only good for digital copies of Rock band 4 ordered through the PlayStation Store. It does not stack up with any additional offers.

Rock Band launches October 6th. The game will feature 60+ songs, including tracks from Heart, Fall Out Boy, Disturbed, and Rush.

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