Japanese manufacturer Joetsu Electronic Industries sent out a tweet earlier this week asking gamers about their thoughts on creating a PS Vita 1000 version of their PS Vita 2000 L2/R2 accessory. The accessory added the triggers with the express purpose of helping the vita tackle the more expansive control schemes of PS4 games during remote play.

Well the responses were interesting. 2246 retweets from Japan, and 577 from overseas was apparently enough to make the company seriously consider the results:

“Thank you for a lot of RT,everyone.There were a lot more than I had expected.I’ll give it some serious consideration!” Source: Twitter

The company did also mention that it is aware that retweets do not equal sales, but was thankful for the positive response:

“Of course, we are aware that the number of retweets is not equal to the number of sales. But taking into consideration the fact that our message was able to spark the interest of people, we think it will reflect positively in our internal meeting on the topic. I hope you’ll be able to wait for the follow-up, for better or worse. Thank you!” Source: Twitter Translation courtesy of Dualshockers

Triggers would certainly help out with playing certain PS4 games, and if you have an older generation Vita, then this could be just the news you’re looking for.


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