until dawn

For those that have yet to check out Sony’s scary and dark, playable-teen-slasher-film, Until Dawn, you might have a hard time finding play-throughs of it on Twitch. Since the game’s launch earlier this week, players have found that their PS4 broadcasts, specifically through the PS4 Share functionality, have not been archived on Twitch.tv as they normally are.

In response to complaints Twitch took to Twitter yesterday, clarifying, “Using PS4 Share to broadcast “Until Dawn”? The publisher has disabled archiving for this game. We’re reaching out to hopefully enable.”

While there is no word from Sony on if the feature will be re-enabled, the restriction actually comes as no surprise given Until Dawn’s reliance on making quick decisions and watching the effects of those decisions play-out through the remainder of the narrative, leaving the majority of the game at risk to spoilers.

The restriction however, does seem limited to the PS4 Share functionality, and does not extend to broadcasts using third-party recoding equipment.

What do you think of a publisher trying to keep a lid on spoilers for one of their games? Do you think it is a step in the right direction? Or do you see it more as just a nuisance that doesn’t accomplish much? Let us know in the comments.

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