With the addition of the sharing feature to the Playstation 4 capture gallery, the internet is filling up with fantastic pictures captured from gamers’ everyday experiences. Each week we’ll be taking a look at the best, funniest or just most bizarre pictures from the #PS4Share tag. We’ll spend the week looking at all the pictures uploaded from the Playstation 4 sharing feature to bring you the best of what we’ve seen. If you’ve got a picture that you want featured in the gallery feel free to tweet me @chrisabraham86 with the hashtag #PS4Share with your submission. So let’s get started with this week’s submissions.

1. Kirito learning anatomy – @KatjalsMyWaifu

I wish my sex ed classes were like this…


2. Have a nice day – @Kurisu_Exia

Kurisu took the time and effort to create this masterpiece


3. Injury report: KG out indefinitely with jacked up arms – @WTF_OS

I don’t even….


4. Huge kudos to the first person to score 10 in this – @Envisager_

I wonder if it’s as frustrating as the original?


5. This game couldn’t be more British – @Rushy33

Rushy stops in at the bus stop in Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture


6. One of the best looking games, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture – @ColinGillo

More from EGTTR


7. Rikku must have played FFXIII – @Door2Darkness_

Rikku knew what was up before any of us.


8. Hold up just a minute – @OneCoolMan

Looks like the rehearsals for YMCA


That’s my pick of this week’s #PS4Shares, check back next week for more but in the mean time, keep taking pictures and don’t forget to tweet on my Twitter account here if you’ve got any you want featured in next week’s post, or if you’ve seen any pictures on the internet that you want to share!

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