InvaderGames was a group of fans who were working on Resident Evil 2: Reborn, a remake of the 1998 horror masterpiece. The group has confirmed that they are no longer working on the project.

On NeoGAF, a member of InvaderGames has announced that the group has agreed to halt development on Resident Evil 2: Reborn due to Capcom announcing plans to officially remake the title themselves. Despite having to halt production, the team is doing so on good terms.

The statement reads: “Contrary to what might be thought, [the announcement of an official remake] is wonderful news for us. As fans, we’re so happy that Capcom has decided to take the lead [on] the project.”

“Nobody could bring the 1998 masterpiece back to life better than the creators themselves.”

According to the statement, InvaderGames will be meeting with Capcom’s development team to “discuss further ideas.”

Looking back on the project, the studio was happy with how fans reacted to their work. “Even though we cannot complete the Resident Evil 2: Reborn project, we’re happy what we’ve shown [was supported] by fans worldwide and has been noticed by Capcom itself. We promise that the work done until now will be useful for future projects.”

Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 remake was announced last week. Not much is known about the title at this point.

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