scalebound 1Platinum Games co-founder Hideki Kamiya was recently interviewed by Metro to discuss some Kamiya’s gaming development history as well as delve more into the concept of Scalebound. While there’s definitely some interesting stuff on Kamiya’s history of developing video games, such as his development work with Resident Evil 2 and his choosing to form Platinum Games, he also revealed how the concept of Scalebound started off.

“After I left Capcom and we established Platinum Games, the kernel of the Scalebound idea was actually one of the first concept pitches,” Kamiya stated in the interview. “The other one was Bayonetta, and we had a few others. For one reason or another we went with Bayonetta first, but at that point it was not even dragons; it was dinosaurs.”

He continued: “But the common theme here is that I wanted to realise this game in the way that these two large-scale creatures were going at each other, and how can we make this work where you are not just the observer of what’s taking place but helping as well. But that was really it. There was a concept but there wasn’t a lot more too it, it needed more work. Bayonetta happened, and we worked on it, and then it was time to bring it back out of the closet again. So at that time we actually managed to pull together a prototype, and when we decided to make a prototype I switched over the subject matter from dinosaurs to dragons.”

While normally we only get to see the final concept of the game come to fruition, it’s always interesting to hear about how the final product came to be, as well as all the “what if” moments that shaped and molded the game into what it will become. Scalebound will launch sometime in 2016 for the Xbox One.

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