Gamers all around are sweating in anticipation as the days get closer the release of Star Wars Battlefront. Fans are getting out their Jedi robes and Stormtrooper helmets, getting ready to go back into the Battlefront franchise for the fist time in nearly a decade.

Thanks to manufacturer Turtle Beach, there’s another great piece of equipment for Star Wars connoisseurs to get their hands on for the new Battlefront game. Turtle Beach has developed a special Star Wars Battlefront headset with two designs based around the Rebel Alliance and the Imperial Forces. If you’re in the US you can preorder one of these headsets on Best Buy’s website. For those of you in the UK, Australia, and Europe, you can preorder them on the official Turtle Beach website.

Star Wars Battlefront will be available November 17th for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Remember to preorder your Turtle Beach headsets before then.

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