Capcom has announced its updated plans for the Street Fighter V beta in Europe, North America, and Asia.

The PS4 beta will be rolled out on a territory by territory basis, with “the first of a series of region specific stress tests” in Europe on August 20 from 4 PM until 12 AM UK time. A second session will be held on August 21 from 4 PM until 12 AM UK time.

Other territories will be given access depending on how the European beta goes, Capcom explained.

“When we are confident with the results from this test, we will share the dates and times for North America and Asia’s region specific tests,” it said. “Once we have successfully completed each regional stress test, we will announce the dates and times of the official global beta test.”

Capcom described the regional stress test as “an added bonus,” as the “global beta test will still take place for the previously promised five-day stretch.”

The Street Fighter 5 beta was originally scheduled to launch on July 23. When it went live, however, numerous players began to report problems. Capcom repeatedly reset and rebooted its servers, but to no avail.

The beta was later abandoned, with Capcom assuring fans it “will be extending the beta period to make up for the issues we’ve been experiencing.”

Street Fighter 5 is expected to be released in early 2016. In addition to network stress tests, Capcom intends to test out its new currency system and matchmaking algorithm.

This PS4-only beta is to be followed by a PC and PS4 beta later this year, and then a third test after that.

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