Until August 24th, if you participate in Hearthstone’s Tavern Brawl you can try out their upcoming cards in the expansion ‘The Grand Tournament’.

The cards will feature two new mechanics, Joust, and Inspire. Joust randomly picks a card from each players deck, and whichever player has the higher mana cost card then the other will have the minion with the Joust mechanic receive a benefit.
Inspire, on the other hand, activates a special ability whenever you use your hero power.

Jousting is clearly placed in to prevent the use of aggro decks, although you have to wonder if Blizzard is making the right decision by blocking out a large section of players. Aggro decks are cheap to make, and fun to play a quick match in. You either win right away, or lose quickly – theres not a lot of back and forth to be had.

In the Tavern Brawl, Medivh’s deck is centered around Inspire, while Alleria makes use of the Joust mechanic.

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