Day five of the main event in Key arena Seattle has decided which three teams will progress to the final day.  With an $18.3 million prize pool, the stakes are high.  The day would start with Virtus Pro facing off against LGD, with the winner of this series progressing to challenge Vici Gaming later in the day.  The upper bracket featured a clash between CDEC Gaming and Evil Geniuses.

Virtus Pro come into this series having knocked out tournament favourites Team Secret, and looked to use that momentum to propel themselves further.  However LGD were able to stop them in their tracks.  After winning the first game, LGD allowed VP to pick up the first Leshrac of the main event, and were still able to win the series with a convincing 2-0.  This meant that LGD would move on to face Vici after the upper bracket series.  Vici approached the series undefeated in the main event, but were unable to retain this impressive run.  Eventually LGD came out ahead winning the series 2-1.

The final of the upper bracket took place between the two lower bracket games, with CDEC against EG.  EG are the last hope for Western Dota in the tournament, but CDEC continued their dream performance so far.  They were quickly able to deal with EG, winning the series handily 2-0.  EG have one last chance to make it to the grand final.  They will play LGD in the lower bracket final to decide who will face CDEC in the final.

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