Day two of the main event at Key arena saw the rise of the Eastern teams.  The day started out with the last round one series from the upper bracket.  Evil Geniuses took on Complexity Gaming and were followed by Team Secret against Ehome.  The first best of three games of the tournament were also played.  Team Empire were up against MVP Phoenix while Cloud 9 took on Vici Gaming.

The first game of the day between Evil Geniuses and Complexity Gaming was unfortunately marred by technical difficulties.  A DDOS attack forced the game to pause for over an hour.  When the issue had finally been fixed it was EG who came out ahead, winning the series 2-0.  The second series of the day saw tournament favorites Secret take on  Ehome.  Ehome put on an extremely impressive display to 2-0 Secret and knock them down into the lower bracket.

The BO3s started out with Empire against MVP Phoenix, and with another shock result MVP were able to 2-0 Empire.  This means that Empire have been eliminated from the competition.  This series was followed by Cloud 9 and Vici Gaming and Vici were able to secure a 2-0 against the crowd favorites Cloud 9.  At the end of the day, both Empire and Cloud 9 have been knocked out, while Vici and MVP Phoenix progress to the next round.

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