Some of you will remember For Honor from E3, looking like a cross between Chivalry and Dynasty Warriors. The game in development from Ubisoft has raised a lot of eyebrows since it’s appearance at E3. In the newly released trailer Ubisoft go deeper into the development process behind For Honor as well as the “vision” for the game:

Developers explain the concept and idea behind the game, going as far as to express their idea that depending on the weapon you choose depicts what kind of person you are, and that is something they wanted to replicate in For Honor.

An example of this is given by creative director Jason VandenBerghe who describes “Samurai tend to value skill, mastery, honor. People who value Vikings tend to value freedom and expression and enthusiasm and celebration. And people who choose knights value culture and defence and, sort of, nobility”

As well as the idea behind the game, we also hear from members of the development team, how they came to work on it and the control scheme for the game, as well as some good old fashioned 3D models.

Ubisoft’s For Honor Gets New Trailer: Explains the Vision Behind the Game, Shows Gameplay [DualShockers]

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