Until Dawn is a game about choices and the consequences that inherently follow from them.

Prior to its launch on August 25 on PS4, developer Supermassive Games has joined forces with MoFilm to create two short live-action films set to warm players up on just how the decisions you make in the game will impact the world around you.

To be released in two parts, the first part, titled ‘Choices’ can be seen below. However, you can do more than watch it – the whole trailer is interactive.

The trailer’s director (Torben) said, “We took our inspiration from the many choices presented in the game and from its cinematic style. We want to give the viewer a feeling of what it’s like being caught up with a killer on the loose — having to make life threatening decisions on the run. Most people can relate to watching a horror and disapprove of the decisions made by the main protagonists. Now you can actually have a say in them — and carry full responsibility if the protagonist gets away or is killed in a brutal way…”

Part two of the trailer, ‘The Road Not Taken’ can be seen here exclusively at GameStop’s Facebook page.

The director for part two (Lloyd Choi) said, “Since Until Dawn is based around the concept of choice (and the tension around it), I immediately thought of Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken”, which I thought would create an interesting tone and backdrop paired with visceral and frightening images. The poem is often misinterpreted, and is really more complex than people think.”

Get a taste for Until Dawn’s terrifying decision making process and let know us below if you’ll be daring to play it yourself on August 25.

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