There is every possibility that we may see a playable version of Works of Warcraft’s latest expansion, Legion, at Blizzcon in a few months time. Of course I use the word playable losely. We’re likely to see an interactive tour of Blizzard’s latest expansion to its flagship title on the floor at the event if all goes well. Game director Tim Chilton revealed that the game is in early alpha over at Blizzard and if it all goes smoothly it should be ready to show off at Blizzcon.

As ever the guys at Blizzard haven’t committed to promising anything specific but we will see parts of the game in one form or another, just how much depends on the success of the in house testing ahead of November.

As ever the run up to Blizzcon will give us all plenty to talk about, the games, the tournament’s and now the movie too (which hopefully we’ll get to see the trailer that the Comic Con attendees see).

This is purely my own speculation now but with World of Warcraft Legion being in internal alpha now , I believe it’s likely that we will see a beta towards the end of the year, possibly early January, and a release around may/June 2016. I could also however be completely wrong.

Legion seems to be a direct response to dwindling subscriber numbers, The Burning Legion being a very popular area of the lore and the production of the expansion hot on the heels of Warlords of Draenor. Hopefully it will add a new lease of life to the client MMO market leader and help it continue on. Only time will tell.

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