Destiny’s lead concept artist, Jesse van Diik, sat down with Gamespot at Gamescom to discuss why there is a one time level boost in The Taken King. He explained that Bungie felt it was more important to give players access to The Taken King’s experiences than to lock them out of content because of the initial grind.

“We wanted The Taken King to not only be something that existing players were excited about,” van Diik said. “We also wanted to make sure that players who may have never even played the game at all [were] immediately [able to] participate in the events of The Taken King, particularly because it might very well be the case that [between] two friends, one friend might be just beginning and one friend might be at a high level, and we wanted them to be able to play together.”

He continued, “[The game] is a social experience more than anything. And we wanted to make sure that we [wouldn’t] fracture the player base [by making the expansion only playable by veteran players].”

Van Diik wasn’t ready to say how the level boost worked, but he did say it was available to everyone. “When you buy The Taken King, you get the option to instantly level up a character to the point where you can meaningfully engage with the events in The Taken King,” he explained. “Or if you’ve only ever played a Titan, you can instantly level up another class so that you can enjoy the new supers that we’ve built.”

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