CD Projekt Red announced plans for new mod tools for The Witcher 3’s PC version today. The developer is also currently in talks with both Microsoft and Sony on bringing the same tools to Xbox One and PS4.

Speaking to GameSpot, CD Projekt Red said “we are thinking about it but it’s a way more complex process to do this on consoles so we can’t give you any details now.” They added “it’s really important for us not to partition The Witcher community and allow access to mods to console gamers, too. We’re considering various approaches to solve this and started initial talks with first-parties about this.”

In short, Cd Projekt Red are aiming to close the gap between console and PC by bringing mod tools to the average console gamer. This will make it the second RPG of 2015 to have them; the Xbox One version of Fallout 4 will also have mods available, though not this year.

The developer went on to explain what the mod tools were: they are “not an editor. They’re meant for people who are somewhat experienced with modding software and are designed to make creating mods easier. They give access to game files and allow for easy extracting, compilation, and decompilation of resources.”

In giving access to these game files to players, CD Projekt says that they’ve basically opened up creation to the players; they say players will be able to “change nearly every aspect of gameplay mechanics.”

To read more about the mod tools that CD Projekt Red are releasing for The Witcher 3, head to this conversation GameSpot had with the developer themselves.

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