In a tweet and snapshot of Xbox boss Phil Spencer’s player profile from Xbox executive Mike Ybarra, it’s been revealed that Spencer has clocked over 300 hours on Bungie’s first-person shooter, Destiny.

Not impressed? Well, you actually should be.

Along with juggling a company, which, presumably, is a time consuming occupation being the Head of Xbox and all, he has to travel a lot. He does conventions, such as E3 and Gamescom more recently, and has been to China and Germany in the previous two weeks alone.

Still not convinced that this man deserves some respect?

You’re probably just embarrassed that a guy who literally runs Xbox can play more hours than you; you’re not alone. The stats from Activision say that the average Destiny player has put around 100 hours into the game, booting Spencer close to the top tier of dedicated gamers.

(I can’t seem to find the time to pair my socks, let alone pull off an additional 200 hours of Destiny gameplay; not yet, anyway.)

His profile on says that he’s got a level 34 Awoken Male Titan and a level 13 Exo Male Hunter, if you want to take a look and compare.

It’s cool to see though, because the people at the top of a gaming institution should understand what their audience wants; the only way to do that is to be a part of it. That’s something Spencer believes himself, as he stated last month: ‘the video game industry stands to benefit if the executives at the companies that make them actually play.’


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