Fallout 4 is all about allowing players to choose their own paths and make their own decisions, without the designers at Bethesda making these choices for you, according to Pete Hines. One such example involves how the game will alter depending on your character’s gender, or rather, how it won’t.

It goes without saying that your character will look different based on how you decide to customize them, but Bethesda wanted to make sure that by choosing to play as a male/female vault you won’t be set on a certain path. You’ll still be able to do everything the opposite gender can do. Speaking to OXM, Hines had this to say.

“There are some slight differences, but as far as the basic experience of playing the game, we wanted it more to be a part of who you want to be, as opposed to locking you into this or locking you into that because you decide to play as male or female. Whether that be who you can have a relationship with, or the choices you can make. We want that to be pretty open-ended so that the player is more in charge of who they are, as opposed to the designer making a decision that the player wasn’t involved in.”

Sounds fair enough. Obviously what your character says will also be different depending on your choice of gender, but for the most part you won’t be missing out on anything major in the game by choosing to be male or female.

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