With the launch of the Wii U in 2012 came ZombiU, a witty title that made full use of the Wii U’s controller and provided players with a good old London scare. Now an updated port is coming to all current gen platforms in the form of Zombi.

The announcement trailer for the ports came two days ago, promising that “pure survival horror is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC” The trailer shows a bunch of cinematic pans of the zombie outbreak along with gameplay footage and a chilling cover of “My Fair Lady” plays in the background.

For a game that was developed with the Wii U in mind, the ports have had to undergo some changes. Despite this producers have tried to “maintain a minimal HUD as much as possible.” The minimap on the GamePad has been moved over to the mainscreen. The inventory screen has also been moved to the main screen but doesn’t pause the game while you look at it, emphasising the vulnarability of having to look away on the Wii U.

A number of improvements have been made as well. The cricket bat is now no longer your only choice of melee weapon. You can now choose between cricket bat, shovels, pipes, nail bats and more. Your flashlight has also undergone change, having an alternate mode that reaches further but drains battery and is more likely to attract zombies.

Amongst all these improvements Zombi is also said to “perform better” on ported systems. However if you’re a big fan of the local multiplayer in the original Wii U release, you’ll be dissapointed to hear that the mode has been cut from the ports, the developers instead choosing to focus on the single player experience.

The enhanced ports will be available digitaly (no know plans for boxed versions) on August 18th for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. A set price has not been anounced yet.

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