There has long been conspiracies that Bigfoot has been a part of the Grand Theft Auto world. In the most recent update of GTA V it has been confirmed that Bigfoot is definitely in the game and he is a playable character.

In the most recent update that brought the replay editor to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 a new Trophy/Achievement came to the fold called Cryptozoologist. The description of the Trophy/Achievement reads, “You unlocked all animals for use in Director Mode… or did you?”

A Reddit user named rkRusty investigated the wilderness and found a golden peyote that unlocks Bigfoot. It took users a long time to unlock the golden peyote, because the golden peyote only appears under specific circumstances.

Players will need to have completed the game, the time needs to be sometime between 5:50 AM and 8 AM on a Tuesday (in-game), the weather has to be foggy, and there are more requirements. Checkout this video from 2H2K who ran through the process:

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