The day has finally come: The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth has been given a PC release date and that date is October 30th 2015. Consoles can expect their release dates to be announced sometime in the near future.

The game’s website has also released new information regarding the expansion to The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. It boasts an additional “100+ hours” to the game as well as a number of new features. According to their website, these features include:

– Greed Mode: a whole new game mode with a heavy focus on risk/reward that is a completely new way to play featuring new endings and a final boss.

– Expanded main game: a new final area has been added to the main game along with another new final boss and ending.

– Daily Runs: compete for highscore / best time on the leader boards in these daily seeded runs.

– 10 totally new and awesome challenges

– 1000+ new rooms, as well as new tiny rooms, closets and giant arching hallways.

– a totally new playable character, Lilith, mother of demons.

– 120 new items! not counting tons of new pickups, chests, pills, bombs, cards etc. taking the item count up beyond 525!

– 4 new alternate chapters with new chapter specific enemy types, visual themes, and surprises.

– a new seed code combo page, as well as a butt ton of new seed codes that mod the game.

– a greatly expanded soundtrack!

– new room types like, trap rooms, double treasure rooms, and ultra rare closets!

– a greatly expanded and updated hud system

– tons of new secret transformations

– 8 new bosses

– 25+ new enemies

– updated item combo system

– many new achievements

– 20 million new co-op babies

The expansion will “feel like a completely new game” according to its publisher Nicalis Inc. and will cost $9.99, but this price can be reduced by pre-ordering.



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