Marty O’Donnell was one of the original founders of Bungie and composed hit titles from the Halo series and Destiny. After a 18 month legal battle, however, it seems the video game veteran is fully breaking ties with the company all together.

Tom Buscaglia, known as “The Game Attorney,” said that Bungie fired O’Donnell without cause shortly after Bungie spun off from Microsoft. Not only this, but the developer took away all of his shares and did not give him any owed wages. Thinking this could be a quickly settled case, O’Donnell went to Buscaglia to help take on Bungie. O’Donnell won, receiving at least $140,000 and 192,187.5 shares, but the it was certainly no quick settlement. “The personal and financial toll this process took on Marty and his family was tremendous,” Buscaglia stated.

You can see the full court ruling here. Also, be sure to check out O’Donnell’s new startup company, Highwire Games.

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